Your mission: Your local library is organizing an exhibition of photographs of Banksy’s work for the general public. You have visited the exhibition a

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Sujet du devoir

— The librarian has suggested you should first describe and analyse Banksy’s mural (Figure 1) and compare it with the two appropriations of the mural by other artists (Figures 2 and 3) that are also on display in the library.

— She would like you to say whether you think figures 1, 2 and 3 are subversive and to what extent.

— You will conclude your recording by telling people which of the three images you like best and whether you agree with Sarah Kane’s statement: “All good art is subversive, either in form or content. And the best art is subversive in form AND content.”

Figure 1: Cave painting by Banksy (Leake Street in London, England, May 2008 © Samuel Wordley /

Alamy Stock Photo Figure 2: “Brandksy” by Christophe PilateTip:



Whitewashing Lascaux – Banksy – Scribouill'art

The “Buff” refers to the paint roller that is used to paint over some graffiti. The expression means the “removal of graffiti”.

Subversive (definition) : trying to destroy or damage an established political system, organization, or authority

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