Your mission: Your local library is organizing an exhibition of photographs of Banksy’s work for the general public. You have visited the exhibition a

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Sujet du devoir

 The librarian has suggested you should first describe and analyse Banksy’s mural (Figure 1) and compare it with the two appropriations of the mural by other artists (Figures 2 and 3) that are also on display in the library.

— She would like you to say whether you think figures 1, 2 and 3 are subversive and to what extent.

— You will conclude your recording by telling people which of the three images you like best and whether you agree with Sarah Kane’s statement: “All good art is subversive, either in form or content. And the best art is subversive in form AND content.”

Figure 1: Cave painting by Banksy (Leake Street in London, England, May 2008 © Samuel Wordley /

Alamy Stock Photo Figure 2: “Brandksy” by Christophe PilateTip:



Whitewashing Lascaux – Banksy – Scribouill'art

The “Buff” refers to the paint roller that is used to paint over some graffiti. The expression means the “removal of graffiti”.

Subversive (definition) : trying to destroy or damage an established political system, organization, or authority



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