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A packet of Eskimo lollies, which a Canadian tourist says are offensive to Inuit people.


Humble Eskimo lolly gives tourist a bad taste


Tuesday Apr 21, 2009


It’s as much a staple of New Zealand sweet confectionery as pineapple lumps and spearmint leaves, but the marshmallow Eskimo has been deemed offensive to native Canadians and may require a makeover. Canadian tourist Seeka Lee Veevee Parsons, 21, an Inuit of the Nunavut Territory in Canada, was shocked when she found the lollies for sale last week, saying they are an insult to her people.

The word Eskimo was unacceptable in her country and carried with it negative racial connotations, she told the Taranaki Daily News. The correct term was Inuit, Ms Parsons said.

“I was taken aback. When I was a little girl white kids in the community used to tease me about it in a bad way. It’s just not the correct term.”She intends sending packets of the iconic confectionery to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and her grandfather, an Inuit tribal elder in the Nunavut Territory. Not only has the name of the lolly aroused painful memories, she believes the shape is an unfair stereotype of her people.

“We are much more of a people than that image. We have deep ties to the land and an ancient culture and I think we should be recognised as that and not just a marshmallow

figure. ”A spokesman for Cadbury/Pascall, which makes the sweets, said the product had been in the market for many years and it was never their intention to offend anyone. He was unable to say whether the lolly shape and name would be changed now they had been made aware it had caused offence.

NEW ZEALAND Herald (Auckland)



Alex (Auckland City), 10:30AM Tuesday, 21 Apr 2009 I do believe that she’s going a little overboard by taking offence to a lolly. That’s like saying ‘Kiwifruit’ should be changed to ‘New Zealand Fruit’. We’re not Kiwi birds, but that’s just a term that is recognised all around the world, much like the term ‘Eskimo’. What should we rename the lolly to be? ‘Inuit Lollies’? Certainly doesn’t have the same ring to it. While she’s at it, she should take a look at Aussie calling Chilly Bins ‘Eski’s’.


General compréhension (5 points)

  1. Identify the type of document: (0,5 pt)

extract from a blog

article on a newspaper website

the script of a radio interview


2. Pick out the following information about Ms Parsons: (3 pts)

full name;




place of residence;

ethnic origin.


3. The subject of the document is: (2 possible answers) (1 pt)

¨ a popular sweet in Canada

¨ a popular sweet in New Zealand

¨ an offensive sweet in Canada

¨ an offensive sweet in New Zealand


4. Alex: (0,5 pt)

¨ writes a letter to Ms Parsons

¨ posts his comments about the story on the Internet

¨ writes a letter to the newspaper

¨ posts his comments on his personal blog


Detailed comprehension (15 points)


  1. Complete the details about the following people mentioned:


6. Pick out the following information about the sweet:



Flavour/main ingredient:



  1. Find two other examples of sweets in the text:


8. True or false? Justify each answer by quoting the text:

a) Ms Parsons objects to the name of the sweet.

b) The word ‘eskimo’ is totally neutral.

c) The sweet resembles an eskimo.

d) The sweet has only recently been launched on the market.

e) Cadbury/Pascall immediately promised to change the sweet.


  1. Quote an expression in the text to explain Ms Parson’s ‘painful memories’.


10. Complete with a suitable word from the text:

According to Ms Parsons, the correct term for _____________ was Inuit.


11. In the passage entitled ‘Comments. Alex …’, indicate who the following pronouns refer


I =

She =

We =


12. Which adjective best describes Alex’s reaction to Ms Parson’s feelings? Justify your

choice with a quote from the text:


supportive comprehending indifferent critical intolerant


Image concernant mon devoir de Anglais

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

J'aurais besoin d'aide pour le 2(place of residence & ethnic origin),4,5,6 & 11. Si vous pouvez voir mes réponses et les corriger si c'est faux, merci. Voilà ce que j'ai déjà fais ⬇

1. The script of a radio interview.

2. Seeka Lee Veevee Parsons, 21, Male, Canadian,

3. A popular sweet in New Zealand & an offensive sweet in Canada.

5. Photo ⬇

7. Pineapple lumps & Spearmint leaves.

9. When I was a little girl white kids in the community used to tease me about it in a bad way.

10. ..., the correct term for Eskimo was Inuit.

12. Critical: I do believe she's going a little overboard by taking offense to a lolly.     

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