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questions sur un texte en anglais what happened

Publié le 13 janv. 2014 il y a 3A par yoann2306 - Fin › 16 janv. 2014 dans 3A

Sujet du devoir

Voila le texte pour répondre aux questions.

The survivor

September 12

Ash Wednesday. The debris the paper and sooty dust had surged up the avenues and stopped at Duane Street. Her first feeling was that he was at least a day late. Yesterday morning and well into the afternoon, thousand had made this made march up West Broadway, fleeing the tilting plume of smoke covered in the same gray ash, slogging throught it as the cerulean sky rained paper down on them. He paused to lean against a Mercedes coated with the same dust a yellow respirator dangling from his neck like a talisman the creases of his face highlighted by the gray powder. His knees showed through the ripped legs of what until recently had been a pair of dress slacks. The hard hat looked anormalous and indeed as he tilted his head back it feel to the curb exposing a dark tangle of hair streaked with the ubiquitous talcy ash. Corrine approached slowly afraid she might scare him a little spooked herself the street and sidewalks deserted as if they they were the last two people on earth. Are you all right? Corrine held out a bottle of Evian, she was just about to give up, when he raised his hand and reached for it. Both his hands were raw and bloodied seeping wounds still wet beneath the dusty grime.After draining the bottle he seemed to take note of his surroundings turning his head in both directions before finally looking back at Corrine. You're the first personn i've seen, he finally said. She supposed he was in shock or something. Unless i'm imagining you. No no she said. At least i don't think you are. It's hard to tell though.What's real i mean. Can you still smell it here? he asked . The smoke? Corrine nodded looking up at the milky plume that arced south by southwest above the office buildings of broadway. Have you been digging? He wet his lips and looked back down in the direction from which he'd come. I was supposed to meet my friend Guillermo at windows on the World. She nodded encouragingly. Yesterday.


voici les questions:

What happened on September 11th?

What happened to the man in the text?

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

On 11 September 2001 there were two planes that throw in the towers in Manhattan.

There were many died. There are many fire brigade and policeman.

et après je sais pas si vous pouvez m'aider merci d'avances

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