Résumé, Appointment with Love

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Bonjour, j'aimerai que quelqu'un m'aide, je dois faire un résumé de l'histoire "Appointment with Love" de Sulamith Ish-Kishor. Et je n'y arrive pas, je ne comprends rien.

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Posté le 28 févr. 2012
John Blanchard is an American soldier.
When the story begins, he is at Grand Central Station in New York, he is waiting for Hollis Maynell, a woman he has never met before.
He found her name in a book he borrowed from a library. Hollis had written down a lot of notes in the margin of the book, notes that John particularly appreciated. So he looked for her address and sent her a letter. Hollis answered it. But before they could meet, John had to go and fight overseas.For 13 months, while he was fighting in France, they wrote letters to each other but they agreed to never exchange photos.
Now he is Back in the USA and they have decided to meet. Hollis will be wearing a red rose on her lapel . The train is about to arrive and John is very nervous .What will Hollis look like? Will she be pretty? He had fallen in love with her through her letters but would his love for her survive if she were not attractive?
Here she is! So pretty in her green dress. But when he approaches the girl, he notices she hasn't got a red rose .The next moment, his heart stops when he sees the woman walking behind her . She does have a red rose but she looks older and she is not really attractive. He hesitates but he finally walks up to her and introduces himself. The woman is surprised and tells John she is not Hollis. She also tells John she has a message for him from a young lady in a green dress : she is waiting for him at the station restaurant.
John understands he has been tested by Hollis. She wanted to test his love for her .If she were plain-looking ,would he still love her ?
Posté le 28 févr. 2012
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