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Bonjour je dois rendre la suite d'une histoire en anglais. Pouvez-vous me corriger?

The last words of the owner echoed in Billy's head. He was starting to doubt why hadn't she had other guests in the meantime? Was something going on? He went back to his room to sleep while thinking of these words. The next morning, the owner set the breakfast table, Billy was alone in the living room. "Where are the other guests?" They don't have breakfast ”. She suddenly blushes and snaps "They're not here!" ". After a while, Billy couldn't help but go upstairs to see Mr. Mulholland and Mr. Temple on the third floor. He rushed to a door, this floor was different from the other walls were dark and a smell of confinement crept into his nostrils. He thrust his wrist in the left door and saw an empty room and in the middle the body of the deceased stuffed and suspended high. Billy was holding back from screaming, his hands were shaking and his singing was freezing in his veins. Suddenly, he felt a shadow pass behind him. Billy turned slowly, his heart pounding but didn't see anyone in the hallway. He went back down the stairs, his legs were shaking, he wanted to leave this hotel at all costs. He hastened to pick up his suitcase. As he left the room he came face to face with the owner. "Where are you going like that? She told him, "I have to get home asap, an emergency awaits me in London," Billy said with a trembling voice. Immediately he hurried to the exit door but she had locked all the doors in the house! "Let me go! Billy retorted "You saw something you shouldn't see I have to get it over with you!" The owner yelled at him with a knife in her hands. The landlady pushed him against the wall, she had pressed her fingernails very hard in her throat. Billy couldn't breathe. She held her knife, placed it under her chin. When at the same time the bell rings. Suddenly the landlady dropped her knife, she was frustrated but brushed her hair again, spanking me nothing had happened. She opened the door and greeted her new guest. Billy took advantage of the arrival of the next victim to escape. He swore to himself that he would never go back to a guest room.


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