Mon texte est il coherent ?

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Sujet du devoir

Bonjour a tous j'ai un devoirs en Anglais je dois raconter l'histoire des Afro-Américain. J'ai tout fini le travaille mais je voulais savoir si mon texte et coherant est compréhensible par rapport au thème merci a ceux ou celles qui m'aiderons 




prenez soin de vous

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

voici mon texte :

The first colony was founded in Jamestow, Virginia, in 1607. The first Black slaves were imported to Virginia in 1619 from West Africa, and was forcibly brought to the American continent to create a free labor force for the settlers. About 400 years ago, the first African slaves arrived in the United States.  Black slaves deported on slave ships are mostly descendants of African Americans.For more than two centuries, blacks have no rights, no freedom.African Americans were the only immigrants who did not choose to settle in the United States. The American Constitution Founded the United States as a Federation of 13 States while African Americans remained excluded from the right to vote, in 1808 slavery was officially abolished in the United States.

Abraham lincolm was a major trump to the liberation of African-American slaves. During his electoral campaign, Abraham Lincolm announced the abolition of slavery, which attracted the wrath of the southern states. In 1860 he is elected president.

As a result there is the creation of confederate states Of the south.

The confederate states are the secession of the southern states of the United States with the United States themselves.This confederation existed from 1861 to 1865 in southern North America

The opposition between North and South leads to a civil War (1861-1865).

all this is due to the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States announced by Abraham Lincolm , which called for the abolition of slavery on American ground in 1865.The same year, Abraham Lincolm was assassinated by a Southerner at the Ford Theatre in Washington DC.


On Christmas Eve 1865 or at the beginning of 1866 the anti-black terrorist group Ku Klux Klan is founded. Black people are also victims of violence, lynching and hatred by the Ku Klux Klan.

in 1868 the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States was created.It is to protect the rights of former African-American slaves It guarantees citizenship to every person born in the United States,

But nothing stops there...

In 1876 African Americans were victims of racial segregation. All this puts in place the laws of Jim Crow, they distinguished citizens according to their racial affiliation. These laws consist, for example, of separating all public places according to their colour, one part for whites and another for blacks.


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Posté le 3 mai 2020


oui ton texte est coherant. Il est même très bien.

Posté le 4 mai 2020

Ton texte est extrêmement bien écrit, aucune faute ! Je suggèrerai seulement de modifier quelques phrases :

As a result, confederate states of the south were created.


The opposition between North and South led to a civil War (1861-1865).

Le verbe "lead" est au passé ici ;)


all of this is due to the Thirteenth Amendment


who called for the abolition of slavery


Sinon ton Texte est parfait, bravo !



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