Relecture Anglais 3eme

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Sujet du devoir



It's with great pleasure that I will present my horrible story:


She will have several characters :

-A kind little wolf who was visiting his grandfather.

-A girl not like the others.

-A sick grandfather.


The scene will take place :

-In a forest.

-and in the Grandfather’s house.


My ideas are as followed:

Once upon a time there was a kind little wolf who was carrying a basket of food to his sick grandfather. Before he went to his grandfather’s house, he walked into a forest to pick some mushrooms for him but he didn’t notice that, hidden behind a tree, there was a bad girl who was following him. But when he opened the door, he heard a big sound and saw his father die, shot by the girl behind him. The wolf tried to run away but the girl killed him too, took the basket of food and went home with some gifts to her family.


I am pleased to have had the opportunity to speak to you and I thank you for your attention.



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Posté le 5 févr. 2019

L'utilisation de be+going to est plus adéquate pour parler d'un futur proche :

that I am going to present my horrible story

It is going to have several characters


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