besoin d'aide expression orale anglais

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Sujet du devoir

bonsoir, j'aurais besoin d'aide pour mon texte d'expression orale de bac d,anglais (terminale S)

que pensez vous de mon plan et de mon texte en general , merci

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

I am going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes. A myths can be defined as à story about legendary characters or heroes, it can be a popular  belief , à tradition or à false notion. À hero can be à mythological figure, à person who is admired for his or her courage, outstanding qualities or achievement, it can be à superhero or an icon.


We can wonder how can myths and heroes change our lives and the direction of the course of History?


First, I would talk about people who have achieved international recognition because of her achievement , Then i will talk  about Ordinary people as heroes


  1. Firstly, there is a hero recognized by society because of his abnegation

at the beginning of the year, we saw the movie World Trade Center directed by Oliver stone


Since the beginning of mankind, some people or groups of people have distinguished themselves by their actions, their words or their qualities and are considered heroes in society and in people's minds.


I'm going to talk about the firefighters and policeman who helped during the attack on the " world trade center" on the 11th September 2001.Indeed, many of them died during this day. The 11th of September 2001 was the most important intervention for New York's firefighters, but also the worst intervention of their quarry-worker. According to an article in the NYtimes, 343 fireman died in a single day. the film accurately describes the dedication and courage of these men and women who gave their lives, to save more than twenty five thousand life, all are now recognized as heroes, as shown by the different drawings and paintings we studied in class and who present them in a heroic form to pay tribute to them.

2) However, some people gave their lives for a cause, this is the case of the mythical Rosa Parks considered as a national heroin because she was a prominent figure of the civil rights movement while she stood up by sitting down on the seat of a bus where there were places for White people and place for Black people, she was the one woman who broke the rules and did mean it for what takes like a couple of second. We have heard an audio file called “Remembering Rosa Parks” where she is named “the Mother of the civil Rights Movement”.

the three people interviewed in this document all agree that rosa park has changed their lives and at the same time, the history of america

We also see the Mural painted by mister Brainwash with the portrait of the three leader of civil right in the United State , Rosa Park , Martin Luther King and Barack Obama

with his famous “i have à dream” speech, MLK Changed forever the life of all Afro-Americans

still today, barack obama tries to reach the equality between the white people and the blacks what seems difficult with the still today, barrack obama tries to reach the equality between the white and the blacks people .


to conclude we can say that myths and heroes play a very important role, they can gather a people, save lives and become models for millions of people.

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Posté le 16 avr. 2019


Je pense que ton devoir est vraiment bien fait! il est très intéressant et il est bien structuré ( la construction est très logique). 

Essaie juste de faire légèrement moins de répétitons en remplacants certaines expressions par des synonymes et après ce sera parfait selon moi !

Passe une bonne journée.


Posté le 16 avr. 2019

merci, je vais appliquer de suite tes conseils !

Ils ont besoin d'aide !

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