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Bonjour, j'ai un DM à faire pour mon cour d'anglais. Mais étant très faible en anglais, j'aurai besoin d'aide. Merci d'avance à celui ou celle qui m'aidera. 

READING ‘How Consumers Can Resist Companies’ Market Power’ 
Adapted from By Austan Goolsbee, July 20, 2018 

1. A basic rule of economics is that the price depends on how willing consumers are to buy something else. The less consumers pay attention when they buy — and the more they just follow a set shopping pattern — the greater the market power possessed by the seller, and the more that seller can charge. Modern companies know this very well, and they do what they can to improve their advantages over unwary1 consumers. 

About 15 years ago, for example, my wife and I decided to send out holiday cards using an online photo service rather than writing them out and sending them by hand. The truth is we haven’t bothered to shop around much. We’ve just stuck with Shutterfly, and that is undoubtedly costing us money. Economists have thought a lot about markets like the one exemplified by Shutterfly — those with significant “switching costs” and “lock-in effects.” 
Big companies know that the more convenient they make their product or service, the less you will shop around and the more market power they will have. Plus they’ve gotten good at tailoring products to certain consumers to get them to give up comparison shopping altogether. 
The researchers found that while companies sell many more products than before, as individuals we are increasingly buying only our one favored product in a given category. In other words, we are not comparison shopping or forcing companies to compete for business. People don’t try alternatives the way they used to. They act as if they are locked in. 
On the one hand, consumers shouldn’t complain about this. Innovation comes with a downside2. The more specific consumer tastes get, the more the companies can exploit their ability to cater to those tastes without competition. The more specialized the demand, the higher the prices people pay and the greater the market power possessed by a company. 
Creating specialized demand is an intriguing way of locking customers into a product. Another method is selling a discount subscription — cable, magazines, pest control — that automatically renews at a higher price. Consumers have to remember and make the effort to cancel if they want to shop around. Companies offer convenience, but they make the consumers pay for it. But even as we debate these larger notions, let us not forget the ways in which we, consumers at the very base of the economy, increase corporate market power with the ways we shop. 

1. Choose the correct heading for the first paragraph. 
a-Marketing strategy defined 
b-Effective competition 
c-Market price shaping 

2. Are the following statements True, False or Not given according to the information in the text. 
1. It is not known exactly how consumer’s behaviour influences prices. 
2. Market power is largely about shaping shopping patterns. 
3. Flexible shopping patterns means cheaper products.
4. Company’s market power rests on fewer specific tastes. 
5. Macroeconomic factors influence prices. 

3. Write a summary using the list of words or phrases (A- G) from the text below. 
A) Unwary 
B) market power 
C) shopping patterns 
D) switching costs 
E) lock-in effects 
F) comparison shopping 
G)specialized demand 
H) convenience 

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

Voilà, où j'en suis ! Mais je ne pense pas que mes réponses soient bonnes. 

1. Choose the correct heading for the first paragraph.

c- Market price shaping


2. Are the following statements True, False or Not given according to the information in the text.

  1. Faux

  2. Vrai

  3. Faux

  4. Faux

  5. Vrai


Toutefois, pour l'exercice 2, je dois également justifier mais je n'y arrive pas.

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