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Il faut que je face un resumer de ce texte en anglais et je n'arriva pas a reformuler les phrases :

Kristin Duquette is a disability rights campaigner and One Young World Ambassador from the USA. She is passionate about disability youth, sport and empowerment.She is a 5x American Paralympic Record Holder, former US Team Captain for the 2010 Greek Open, and 3x Junior National Record Holder in swimming. She is also the founder of a disability empowerment college programme called A Day in a Wheelchair, promoting disability rights as human rights.
The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrated its 25th year of coming into law last month, and while it has changed countless lives, it has become apparent that inclusion loopholes still exist. The ADA was designed to have people with disabilities become viable and authentic citizens within the United States, but access to resources are still denied and the disability community continues to fight for basic civil rights.
On the outside it's easy to assume that because of the ADA, discrimination never occurs and full equality prevails for every person with a disability living in the United States. This wishful thinking is comparable to thinking that racism no longer exists because we have an African American President.
Disabled or able-bodied, we all have the power and responsibility to make society more inclusive for everyone.From lived experiences to listening to the disability community, here are 8 ways we can continue to make our world more accepting of people with disabilities.

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Posté le 18 oct. 2018

Kristin Duquette is a very famous US disable athlete who won several medals in major competitions like Paralympic games, but she's also a disability rights activist who wants disable people to be seen as human being first.

The law changed in the USA 25 years ago with the ADA -Americans with Disabilities Act-, but what didn't change is the lack of money that some disable people still suffer from.

The ADA was a real progress, but what is it without the economic ressources that people need ?

It is everyone responsibility to make society more inclusive and first of all every kind of people (disabled or not) need to learn to learn to talk to each other.


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