"Why the English need to learn another language" Condensé de texte

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Bonjour! Ma prof d'anglais m'a demandé de choisir un article en anglais et d'en faire un condensé. Je l'ai donc effectué et j'aimerais qu'on me corrige. Merci de votre aide.

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

This document is an article written by a journalist named Bex, who was published on Thursday, september 2nd, 2010.
The main subject of this article concerns English which have for mother tongue a universal language. So They don't make the effort to learn and discover the other languages.
At first the journalist explains that few persons have English for mother tongue (only 7% o the world population) and that many people don't know speak English (75% of the world population). There is however a percentage of 18% of the world population which speaks vaguely or usually English without that this one is their mother tongue.
Most of the persons who learn English make it by necessity because English is essential for their projects professional and others people make it by pleasure to communicate with others. Indeed English being the world language it's the one that we employ to communicate with quite other foreigner. By this fact the journalist seems to blame the English people for not making the effort to learn of the other one languages under "pretexte?" than "everybody speaks English".
Secondly the journalist blames the English government for not obliging any more the apprenticeship of a language after 14. By this fact England is late "par rapport?" on the rest of Europe.
In the third time this one explains that there are less and less passionate persons of the languages (74% of the English stops learning a second language after 14). There are thus fewer teachers enthusiast. By this fact of numerous jobs remain available in particular those in the European Union because They judge according to the second spoken language and as the British speak only one language then the posts remain available.
I have the same opinion as the journalist. Indeed a language is much more than a communications tool. It represents the identity of another country and allows to grow rich culturally and to acquise new howledge. “ C’est également avant tout un moyen de partage avec autrui. To practise another language than his is always an advantage that is for personal or professional level. It can be only enriching ever if the apprenticeship of certain languages can be more or less complicated “en function?” to the persons. The fact of not opening in the other languages created a shape of “éthnocentrisme ?” , most of the English tourists don’t make the effort to understand or speak about the language of the country wich they visit by “comptent?” especially on the “bilingual” capacities of the population of the visited countries.

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Posté le 9 oct. 2010
Merci =) je vais le faire. Il n'y a donc aucune faute ?
Posté le 11 oct. 2010
Au début tu peux mettre au début au lieu de " who was published on Thursday, " It was published ... " c'est mieux . Et " There is however a percentage of 18% of the world population which ... " Le However mets le plutot au début de ta phrase avant le There is .
Posté le 11 oct. 2010
Merci =)

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