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pourriez-vous corriger mon texte en anglais, merci beaucoup ! :)


I did my internship in the company at Tryba AFP25 Pirey which has existed for 6 years in Pirey, 5 minutes from Besançon

The company is headed by Mr COSTA and this since 2014

AFP25 settled in 2006 in Besançon then moved in 2014 to PIREY, AFP25 aka TRYBA takes care of a very precise geographical area (Doubs and Haut Doubs)





Specialized in the retail hardware industry, paints and glasses in small surfaces (less than 400 m²), offers various products such as entry doors, all types of windows, garage doors, verandas and pergolas

Tryba Pirey is a leader in its field of activity in Franche-Comté

The company has 15 employees between the ages of 22 and 50

AFP25 proposes several exits from contracts such as the CDD, CDI and CDT and offers training for each newcomer named «Tryba Formation»

The company reached a turnover of 3,5 m €

Company website:



the company's suppliers are craftsmen from the region who have been working for many years with the company



AFP25 customers are only individuals belonging to the catchment area delineated within 50 km of the company

Every year the number of customers keeps growing



AFP 25 also has many competitors like K by K, Lorenove being in the region but does not pose a threat to the company



Precursors of custom-made industrial manufacturing, R&D, is at the heart of TRYBA

It works to develop new technologies, continually modernising the design of products and production tools

Advanced industrial technology at the service of a requierement and craft know-how

Tryba prefers individuals to local communities

Ellipse: 2The company carrier out about 20 000 pose each year

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The assistant manager of the company to change 3 times since the start-up of the company, the training was long and expensive for each of them.

None of them have put in place a list of the processes to be carried out for each activity to be carried out for this position, many mistakes were made, an administrative disorganization appeared, which impacted the society

the introduction of a task procedure would have made it possible to avoid several costly long training courses for the company

I have therefore integrated the company with the mission of putting in place the procedures of the tasks carried out for the position of the executive assistant




During my internship, I made different missions:


I started by observing the different activities that the executive assistant did every day

Then I took detailed notes of each of the activities carried out by it

I then created a file listing the processes of each activity regarding the executive assistant post

I then tested each of her

I have deposited the file containing all the processes on the company server so that it is available to the executive assistant and all future employees of this position

The creation of the processes has had an effective role has allowed the executive assistant to no longer reproduce certain errors and to facilitate the resumption of this position by a replacement







 Ellipse: 3




During my six weeks of internships at Tryba, I could have a deeper vision of the professional world and blossom in a company where a good atmosphere was present
I could also carry out my project properly and in good condition
A job offer was also offered





Ellipse: 4To conclude, professionally, i discovered a new world : small business company

I had the opportunity myself do some operations to realize the work done by employees

It was very intersting, and thanks to a dynamic and motivated team, i was supported throughout my internship

I could apply my knowledge acquired during my two years of BTS and this conforteed me in my choice of wanting to become an assistant of management

This experience has given me more confidence

Personnaly, this experience was very rewarding beceause I learn many things

This internship allowed me to have more confidence in myself and what I do

I have very good memories of this adventure, and it encourages me for my professional future


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