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Bonjour pouvez vous m'aidez a faire une présentation de cet extrait en anglais et expliquez pourquoi c'est un exemple de choc culturel sil vous plait merci d'avance.

voici l'extrait:

The year does not egin in January.Every French person
knows that.Only awkward English-speakers think it starts
in January.
The year really begins on the first Monday of September.
This is when Parisians get back to their desks after their
month-long holiday and begin working out where they ’ll go for
the mid-term break in November.
It ’s also when every French project,from a new hairdo to a
nuclear power station,gets under way,which is why,at 9am
on the first Monday of September,I was standing a hundred
yards from the Champs-Élysées watching people kissing.
I found my new employer ’s offices –a grand-looking 19thcentury building sculpted out of milky-gold stone –and walked
straight into an orgy.
There were people kissing while waiting for the lift.People
kissing in front of a drinks machine.Even the receptionist was
leaning across her counter to smooch with someone – a woman,,
too – who ’d entered the building just ahead of me.
Of course I knew the French went in for cheek-kissing,but not on this scale.
I beamed my keenest new-boy smile at her.No
acknowledgement.I stood in the “yes,I ’m here and I wouldn ’t
mind being asked the purpose of my visit ”zone for a full
minute.Zilch.So I stepped forward and spouted out the
password I ’d memorized:“bonjour,je suis Paul West.Je viens
voir Monsieur Martin.”
"Monsieur Martin," Isaid, holding out a hand for him to shake ." Pleased to see you again."
"Everyone seems to be very happy here, kissing each other," I said.

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Posté le 26 janv. 2019

Bonjour, je peux vous proposer ce petit début de présentation : This text puts us in the shoes of a man, or boy, who is in France, supposedly for the first time. He has come to see a person named Mr Martin, who we can presume is an important businessman, as he is this boy's new boss. On his way to this meeting, the main character sees people kissing on the cheeks, which is a french custom that shocks him. 

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