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Today I’m going to talk about the city of New York and his place in the world. For that we will see that New York is a global metropolis. In order to illustrate this subject I will try to answer the question:  What makes New York a global metropolis?

First I will remind the definition of a global metropolis:A global metropolis is an important city in the world. Its economic and cultural development is superior to the surrounding towns and villages.

This text that talks about New York is taken from a website and develops the different points that make New York a global metropolis.

First New York has a lot of inhabitants: New Yorkers, foreigners, immigrants... It is the first global metropolis because his economic, political and cultural power exceeds that of all other cities.

For the economy we can speak of headquarters. Indeed the text indicates that “many of the world’s largest corporations have their headquarters here” we can see the importance of the city because lot of corporations trust the city. In the text we insist on the economic point with the headquarters of the United Nations because it an important headquarters for the world and it’s a strategic choice to again show that New York is the first global metropolis.

Now we can talk about the political point with again the headquarters of the United Nations.

For the cultural point we can see in the text the different cultural aspects that make New York a global metropolis with many museums, theatres, cinema, university or with Broadway or Times Square.

Because New York is a global metropolis with a lot of tourism and it is also thanks to tourism that New York is considered a global metropolis.

Indeed New York attracts more than ten million tourists each year. So the inhabitants have to speak English correctly. New York is a cosmopolitan city so every store owners and those who would deal frequently with tourists or visitors all will speak English. Most of cab drivers speak Arabic or Hindi. This information given in the text accentuates the cosmopolitan dimension of the city of New York.English is the most spoken language in New York despite the number of Hispanic people present on New York territory. The cosmopolitan side is more marked by the different districts of the different nationalities possible.
In the United States sport is very important and in New York there are many great sports teams that have become international.Because for a city to be a global metropolis, its culture must spread all over the world and have an impact on other countries and New York have an impact on others cities or countries.New York media is also very well known, for example” the New York Times” is very well known in the world.
A global metropolis also have an enormous communication capacity indeed the communications networks are very developed. Xwe can talk about communication in terms of transport (planes, trains, numerous maritime faces ...) but also in terms of new technology (phone communication, internet, new means of discussion ...)
To conclude we can say that New York is a global metropolis because this city brings together all the functions necessary for a global metropolis that is to sayis economic, political, cultural functions.
Economic functions with the different headquarters,stock Exchange (CDB) 
Political function with the headquarter of the Unites Nation 
Cultural functions with the cinema, the sport, and the media or with the museums.
But also the appearance of a cosmopolitan city with the many languages spoken and population present (Chinatown, little Italia...)


So we can say that New York is a global metropolis.

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