correction devoir, ortographe, grammaire et syntaxe

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Sujet du devoir

je dois rendre une expression écrite et je l'ai fini mais j'aimerai, si possible, un correction des fautes ainsi que la syntaxe. Mercii




I hope that you are well. Here are already a few weeks that I left the USA. Our house misses me. I have enough evil to only acclimatize myself, but I discovered a very new culture. Then, even if that makes me odd that you would not be at my sides. I am happy to have made this choice. And I know that all the same we will see ourselves soon.


I am in a hurry that you come to see my new life, life that I daily carry out in this country with full surprise. As soon as I have time for me, I will visit full with monuments, they are splendid and tell enthralling stories.


You know at which point I like to travel to discover new things and new people formidable. This environment changes me enormously, thus that helps me to widen my spirit and to discover new horizons. I kiss you extremely and I am so impatient to see you.


2 commentaires pour ce devoir

Posté le 22 janv. 2019

Il n’y a aucune fautes dans ce que je vois et la langue correct :)

Posté le 23 janv. 2019

impec merci beaucoup ;)

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