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Bonjour a tous,
Voici une redaction en anglais à faire pour la rentree 2019. Je souhaiterai avoir un avis ainsi qu'une eventuelle correction de mes fautes. Je ne suis pas tres fort en anglais et j'ai passé une semaine à la rediger. Qu'en pensez-vous ? Pourriez-vous corriger mes erreurs syntaxique et grammaticale, qui,j'en suis sur, sont nombreuses ? Ca m'aidera beaucoup !

Merci d'avance,

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

The desire for a child is a universal feeling.
Reproductive medicine allows us to help get pregnant with different technics:  in vitro fertilization or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.  During IVF, the mother's egg cell and the father's seminal fluid are taken. The fusion of germ cells occurs in vitro, i.e. in vitro. Often, to increase the likelihood of pregnancy, several eggs are fertilized at the same time. Viable embryos are transferred to the uterine cavity of a woman, after which the mother carries her child in the same way as if the pregnancy had occurred naturally. PGD is the embryo screening,and allows only “healthy” embryos to be transferred into the uterus, which have not identified the genetic diseases for which this diagnosis was carried out.
Opponents of PGD believe that this review equates to deciding who has the right to live or die. Personally, I think this idea is absurd. Some people think that nature should be allowed to do so, but in our society, couples make decisions every day that result in a child being born or not. Biologically, a woman can have about twenty children and billions of human beings are not born when they could have been born! The choice to use PGD will also be made by couples for their own reasons. 
Access to assisted procreation is open only to couples who fail to have children and PGD to those at risk of transmitting a serious inherited disease. 
Firstly, In vitro fertilization is used to treat some problems of infertility. For example, A fertility clinic can help find reasons why we have difficulty getting pregnant and offering fertility treatments to help us reach our goal. 
Secondly, PGD offered to couples at risk of transmitting a serious genetic disease to their future child, which will allow him to grow normally. 
Preimplantation diagnosis (PGD) obviously raises serious ethical problems, because practiced without any restriction, it would allow to choose the sex of the child for reasons of convenience. This manipulation can lead to harmful consequences. Indeed, some couples are only interested in gender selection. In my opinion, this procedure is disturbing, as discrimination in some countries still persists. Imagine if countries like India had access to this opportunity! How many girls will be aborted, because parents would prefer to have a boy? I am convinced that discriminatory selection based on gender would lead to a population imbalance, as in China or India. Subsequently, the lack of women will lead to a decrease of couples, and hence of the future generation.
Ethical limits must be placed on these practices. The idea that you can choose the color of the eyes or hair of your future child is also sickening! Ifear that the disabled will be more discriminated against if they are less numerous.If we had the right to choose the physical characteristics of the future child, one would obviously have a perfect one, with an advantageous physical appearance, and those who are different will be rejected by society. 
We will have a uniform society, exactly as Hitler would have liked. The notion of open-mindedness will disappear, to make room for discrimination, harassment and racism. Our world will look like the world of the fictional novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. “Standard men and women in uniform world”
But we are not there. Fortunately, Access to assisted procreation is open only to couples who fail to have children and PGD to those at risk of transmitting a serious inherited disease. 
The fertility clinic contributes to the happiness of parents as well as the future child. It gives hope to the infertile woman and a future without suffering to the sick child. In other hand, it’s given to us the exorbitant power to decide which life is worth living, and which is not worth it. It in our right to modifying what’s mother nature been building up for billions of years? Can we consider it as a marvelous progress in medicine, a way to be happy or a tool for human decadence? A question that will probably remain unanswered.




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