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Sujet du devoir

Bonjour, je suis en preparation de mon oral d'anglais qui a lieu mardi prochain et j'ai fini d'écrire mes deux notions que je dois préparer. Je envoyé mes notions à ma prof d'anglais pour avoir son avis et elle m'a dit qu'il y avait encore quelques erreurs grammaticales mais qu'en tant que professeure elle n'avait pas le droit de me dire lesquelles ( consignes de l'académie ). Donc je voudrais savoir si parmi vous il y aurait des personnes qui pourraient m'aider ?



PS : Demandez-moi au préalable si vous souhaitez utiliser ma notion pour vos oraux, j'ai pris beaucoup de temps à faire ce travail ;)

Notion Spaces and Exchanges


I’m going to talk to you about the notion of Spaces and Exchanges. To start it is important to define this notion. For me Spaces and Exchanges is our modern world. Indeed it is built on the exploration and the conquest of new spaces. Nations are becoming more and more dependant on each other and our world seems geographically smaller then ever before thanks to improved transportation and communication systems. Throughout history trade, emigration, communication and conquest have brought about numerous cultural, political and economical exchanges across the world.

To illustrate this notion we are going to ask ourselves what are the reasons for immigration and more particularly in the USA.

Firstly, we will look the causes of the immigration, then we will talk about the difficulties of immigrating and finally we will talk about the alternatives.


I)                    There are several reasons why people immigrate. The first is money because many people hope to have a better economic life. They hope to find a better job and help their families who are sometimes in another country.

It may also be for cultural reasons. There are religions and cultures that are not accepted and are persecuted in different parts of the world.

Finally there are still today dictactorship who do not respect the population and impose a way of life on them. For example this is the case of several countries in the Middle East.

All people have good reasons to emigrate and there is a multitude of different reasons to escape of his country. But it’s not all the time easy.


II)                  In the cas of the USA immigrants had to face a lot of dangers and difficulties on their way to America. They had to save up money for the trip. They had to leave their home country and say goodbye to people they loved and would never see again. They had to travel to the ports of embarkation. On the way, they could be attacked by outlaws. Sometimes, they had to stop on the way in order to work for food. They had to wait in the ports until they found a boat. The trip was wery long, hard and dangerous. There were storms, boats were not very safe at that time. They could get ill and die on the way.

In addition, Donald Trump's migration policy is very strict. There have already been many men, women and children who died trying to cross the Mexican border.

Conditions in the past were even more dire because once arrived in the USA, laws allowed wealthy whites to buy black men and women captured in their villages to become slaves. They lost all freedom and were totally subject to the orders of their masters.

To conclude, we are now going to talk about the alternatives that can save migrants from having to leave their countries for economic reasons.


III)                 New technologies and internet have influenced the way of communicating and exchanging. We can now work with people on the other side of the world. This has helped create jobs and help people. Large companies like Apple, Amazon and even Google have been able to emerge and employ people all over the world. Globalization has enabled several developing countries to have a better economic situation.


In conclusion, even if millions of people continue to immigrate to seek better stability (political or cultural) the conditions have evolved and the "American Dream" is over. We can now make a success of our life almost everywhere on earth with a computer and Internet.



Notion Mythes and Heroes


I’m going to talk to you about the notion Mythes and Heroes. To start it is important to define this notion. For me a myth is a well-known story which was made up in the past to explain natural events or to justify religious beliefs or social customs. There may not be records or other proof that they happened, but at least some parts of myths may be true. All cultures have myths. A hero is someone who is admired for either for their courage, qualities or particular achievements. They can be regarded as an ideal or role model. A hero can also be someone that you know personally and that you look up to, usually because of a particular quality or skill that they have.

To illustrate this notion, I decided to speak more particularly about the heroes who fought for equality in the United States. So I'm going to answer the question "Why can we consider some African-Americans as heroes? »

At first, we will focus on the living conditions of African-Americans then we'll see how some people have helped change things while becoming heroes.

In the past, Afro-Americans have experienced segregation by whites. Their conditions were terrible. White people created a lot of prohibitions for them. For example, in restaurants people of black color were separated from whites. At school also black children were separated from white children. This discrimination even went as far as the bus, the whites considered that the blacks were inferior to the white, therefore they did not have the same rights. For example, Rosa Parks has fought all her life, when she was only 19 years old she refused to give up her place to a white man on a bus which earned him to be sent to prison ...


Fortunately, many men and women fought for their rights and helped to improve the situation.


II)                  Some persons became famous became famous because they fought against segregation. We can look at Martin Luther King who dedicated his life to love and justice between fellow human beings. He fought for Afro-Americans rights and he was shot in 1968 in the cause of that effort. He wanted peace and equality of rights for blacks and whites. He has made several famous actions like his famous speech “I have a dream”, in which he explains his vision of the future. Many people dreamed like him of a land where the whites and the blacks would live in equality.The fight led by these heroes allowed to get things done. They did not fight for nothing, they are no put in danger for nothing. Their struggle has been rewarded by evolutions. Very quickly most of the laws that separated blacks and whites were removed. For example from 1954, it is strictly forbidden to separate schools by skin color but it was not before 1960 that the first black girl decided to apply in a white school.Fortunately for humanity they are not the only ones! We could also quote Nina Simone who refused to give up her dream of pianist and who wrote committed music, or Jesse Owens who to show the Nazis that blacks were not inferior by winning the Berlin Olympics…




To conclude, the life of Afro-Americans has changed over time and that thanks to heroes who have made history. Thanks to their actions, they made things evolve as well as mentalities. One of the finest examples is the election of Barack Obama, an Afro-American elected in 2008. This is proof of the evolution of the country. I think that all those people who have contributed to the equality of blacks and whites deserve totally to be considered as heroes because without them all this would probably not have been possible. Will racism in the world know an end?



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