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Today I’m going to present the notion « myths and heroes ». To start off, I’m going to define each term. 

A myth is a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event.

A hero is a person admired by the people. Its values are courage and virtue, values similar to those of chivalry. 


How can myths and heroes change the direction of the course of History?

To answer the question I have chosen 3 documents :First of all,  Lady Franklin who tried to find out what happened to her husband . Then, I will talk about the suffragettes who fighted to win their rights. And finally, I will to talk about The Arctic Mystery, which is a story that is now considered as a myth. 


I – The real heroes in society and history :


Since the beginning of mankind, some people or groups of people have distinguished themselves by their actions, their words or their qualities and are considered heroes in society and in people's minds.

First, there is a hero recognized by society because of her determination, it’s Lady Franklin. She kept searching for her husband who disappeared in the Arctic Mystery. She wasn’t afraid of anyone and was very determined. She even wrote to the Tsar of Russia and to the President of the United State, and this shows us how brave and courageous she is. « She was very feisty, and fighting for everything ».


There is also other people that we can consider as heroes, the suffragettes.

 In 1903 when women were still considered as second-class citizens in Britain, the «Suffragettes», an organisation in favor of the women’s right to vote was published. They campaigned through a lot of protests and went through a strong repression that put lots of them in prison. In 1918, after the First World War, women above 30 finally got the right to vote for the first time. 

They wasn’t scared of anything and went threw a lot of violence, many deaths but they kept fighting for their rights.


II – Myths and fictive hero in society and history


The arctic mystery is a story that happened in 1845. The Queen Victoria sent two British ships on an Arctic Expedition but they never came back.

These ships were trying to find the « North-West Passage », they tried to find a faster and cheaper route to go to Asia from Europe. The expedition leader was John Franklin and his wife was Lady Franklin, she tried everything to find out what happened to him but she never knew. 

This Story is now considered as a myth because of its mystery. Till now we don’t know what happened to them and many expeditions were made to find out this mystery but they didn’t find anything. 


To conclude, I think the concept of myths and heroes has an important place in the society. We must not forget that the definition hero is subjective, it depends on us and society.


However, a fictional hero as real must be courageous, honest, just, that is to say have qualities.

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