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Bonjour, j'ai bientôt mon oral d'anglais avec comme sujet "the new media" et j'aimerai avoir une correction de la notion que j'ai préparé s'il vous plaît !


I’m going to talk about the notion “idea of progress”. Idea of progress can be defind as an improvement, a developpement or a change, a technical, scientific or social advance wich contributes to making the world a better place. To illustrate this notion I choose to talk about the evolution of the new media. So we can asked, How did the media evolve ? First of all, I’m going to speak about the negative points and i will to talk about the positive points.


In first, now with the social media somebody can be a journalist, for example when we are witnesses about an event we can share on the social media. However, sometimes news of people journalist can be a fake news, for example with the picture 3 of the document “the impact on US journalism”. This picture is from the Twitter @UFOOFINTEREST, it’s twitter account which hunt the lies, on the picture on the left, published on June 9, 2017 we can see an UFO but when we compared to the picture on the right, the original picture published on July 2, 2014, we see that is not an UFO, it’s an helicopter of army. So, the picture on the left is probably modificate. The problem is that some people believe in the fake news, this is why it’s not a good things because some information are not trustworthy. That’s due to the media doesn’t speak about the important information, political or economical, they prefer to speak about gossip new. I guess is not really moral to do this because some people trust on everythings they can see on internet and it’s not positive.


The evolution of the media include some negative points, however there is also some positive points.


Secondly, thanks to the social media and the new technologies we can have informations anywhere, anytimes. Furthermore this way of information is more respectful of the environment, because we don’t need paper, it’s green. On the social media we have an alternative against the fake news, for example existe the certification of account and like that we know if it’s trustworthy or not. Now, some people prefer to watch the news on the website or on the social media. We can note that on the bar chart graph on the document “The media landscape” overall, the number of people who see information on the social media and the news website increased between the beginning of 2016 and august 2017. Contrary to the TV news, newspapers and the radio who's the percentage has decreased. On my opinion, I prefer watch news on TV or on news website because I prefer use methods more ecological and the website are more practical.


To conclude, I must acknowledge that is complicated to have an opinion completely against or completely for the evolution of the media however, I have the feeling this evolution is an advantage as it’s very practical in everyday life and ecological and the new media can be better than over media.

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