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j'ai besoin de votre aide j'ai mes notions de bac a formuler mais sans correction j'ai peur d'apprendre des choses fausses... je ne suis pas très doué dans la langue et j'ai besoin de correction.

 je vous remercie d'avance


So I’m going to talk about the notion places and forms of power. First places can be defined as important buildings or institutions. And power can denotes the ability to control others, events or resources; the ability to make things happen despite obstacles, opposition.  At all times, power has been in the hands of politicians or military chiefs. But power also implies counter-power, that is to say opposition and resistance. In order to illustrate this notion I will try to answer the question:

Can be identity a form of power?

Identity can be defined by different things in our life and identity can change from one person to another. Identity can be our name, our origins, and the different things that make our personality. We have different forms of identity and that why we can put it on places and forms of power. The power in identity is possible too because when we evokes a name this name can be associated to a form of power.

So first, we can associate identity with our nationality. We have seen an interview between to man Stephen Fry and Craig Ferguson and this two men debate about the differences between America and England. And here we can see in this video the personality of the two inhabitants with American who are very optimistic and the British on the contrary they are unhappy. The only common point is the fact that when we are British or Irish or American we feel at home. HereAmerica's power is still because we can interpret this interview like a form of power of the America because there are very remarkable and take risk .On the contrary British person doesn’t take risk. So if you are American you are seen as a person who has more power that another ,the American dreamis represented  in this video.

Our nationality can disadvantage you becauseas we saw in class with the text “I’m a teacher” this teacher can’t work in England because she doesn’t  born in England she lives in Jamaica so she doesn’t talk enough English to practice this job in England . So with this text we cans see that our identity can be a form of power because if you are born and live in the country and you want to practice one work elsewhere you can’t.

Finally, our identity can be associated with our link with money. Money is a form of power, when you have a lot of money you can support yourself and reach a place in society and here it’s a form of power. We have study the text “a bone of contention” which illustrates another sort of link with form of power:  family with a woman who has a lot of money and who ends up losing her family, here the power of money plays a different role than that of success


To conclude we can see that identity can be a form of power because according to people it can lead to success in a form of economic, political, social power.. This power can be reached in different ways all related to our identity: name, money, nationality, stereotypes


Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

j'aurais besoin d'aide pour la correction si les phrases sont fausses la grammaire ect..

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