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Sujet du devoir

J'ai mon oral en anglais dans 1 semaine, voici ce que j'ai fait, serait-il possible que quelqu'un apporte une correction à mon script. Merci beaucoup d'avance, le voici : 

So I'm going to present you the notion of "space and exchange". First all I'm going to give a definition of this notion. Space and exchanges is a broad concept that relates to the mouvement from one place to another. All societies are somehow defined by the geographical and symbolic spaces they occupy and how they open up these spaces. The tourism is a kind of exchange. My question is " What is advantages and disadvantages of tourism. 


Firsly tourism allows exchanges at the economy level because tourists pay to travel. Pay the transport, the accommodation, to visit, to eat and many other things. This allows, help to develop country economy in which tourists are. For example we can see this in an article of Maya Bay from Telegraph. The tourism have allowed to build two airports. That testifies of tourism influences of national economy.
Moreover the tourism it's the meeting of different cultures, different costums and sometimes different languages. So the culture exchange put in evidence, two different tourists : the real tourist and the traveler. The tourist who go in a destination touristic that means go where everyone goes, everyone sees. As says the traveler on YouTube video "Are you tourist or traveler ?". The traveler don't go in a touristic destination, but goes where the people dom't goes. He travels with no much money, not with lot of clothes and not with taxi but with bike, on foot. The traveler goes in magic places, and goes towards locals. And that for discover in depth the country, the city and national culture.


Secondly, there have lot of different tourism in the twenty one century, we have mostly overtourism. It's spread out all the world, in Mallorca, Thailand, and Venice for example. The overtoursim is an disadvantaged of tourism. Because is bad for the environment and locals relationship. The nuisances caused by overtourism in Venice with an article on that from The Telegraph. To commence is the number of tourists, which is impressive : twenty one billion tourists last years. One point billion are come with big cruise ships. The big cruise ships deplaced water into the side canals and that disturb the ancient building. The consequences, the mayor forbade cruiseships in the city so tourists will come to the smaller boats. Moreover, two thousands Venetians have marched against the tourist industry.
An other example is Mallorca. We can see that in an article of Mallorca from Condé Nast Traveler. This article speaks on the cost of living who has increased, or an extreme environmental crisis. Mallorca and Venice is two good exemple who show very well the bad point of the overtourism. 


We can conclude by saying that the notion of space and exchanges is very large notion which could contain better exchanges. But exchanges between different space are always a good side and a less well slip. The tourism have advantages as exchanges but have disadvantages as overtourism. We can open on greentourism, a good alternative against the overtourism because the green tourists which takes into account the needs of the environment, local resident, business, and visitors, now and in the future. 

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