Oral d'anglais : Notion Espaces et échanges

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Spaces and exchanges


I will present the theme "spaces and exchanges". In classe, we have seen lot of documents about this subject. In fact, thanks to the documents, we can have some opinions about several spaces and exchanges in our world. First of all, the notion of spaces implies the differents territories on our earth and the notion of exchanges means shipments and receptions of persons or merchandises... In this presentation I'd like to talk about the immigration and social media. So, what are the reasons of immigration and who are the advantages of social media ? On the one hand, I studied the immigration to America and on the other hand I will demonstrate the advantages of social media.


Let's start with the immigration. A cartoon represents Pilgrims Father on a boat, they went to land on Plymouth Rock. They can't beacause the natives (Indians) are building a wall along the shore. This cartoon refers to the border wall on the US and Mexican border. They blame illegal immigrants for not trying to speak their langage or assimilate into their culture. This is what illegal immigrants are blamed today.We have the example of a young lady, soon she will graduate but she's undocumented so it's a big problem. Then, Bruce Springsteen sang American land in order to give a message to the immigrants in America. The narrator, an Irish young man and his wife want to emmigrate in America at Ellis Island. During this song, the narrator tell us what he saw there. In the first part of his song, B. Springsteen describes America like a dreamland while in the second part of the song he reminds us of the harsh reality of immigration. Americans are not grateful to the immigratnts who built the USA so the singer wanted to pay tribute to the working class. Rihanna is agree with him because in her song "American Oxygen" she defines the American dream : "You can be anything at all in America". Finally, immigrants work hard for very law salaries but they turn America into an Empire. Barack Obama the former president of the USA pronounce a speech in order to help undocumented children. He requests help for them because their places is in American.


Secondly, I will show social media's benefits. Today, thanks to social medias and Internet, we can keep in touch with all person in the world, we can know all news in all over there. Social media and internet are very efficient. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg wants to give the Internet access to everyone in the world. Indeed, the Internet makes it possible to get a job, the Internet provide education and thanks to the Internet, it's possible to cure diseases... Moreover, virtual jobs is changing the way we all work. Falice Chin explains that virtual jobs are work that you can do from home, using the Internet has your primary mode of communication. With the rise of social media, the Internet and the the technological tools, the range of virtual jobs has expended. A teacher give class trough a computer for students from overseas or the athletes. It's more practice for them.


Finally, thanks to social media and Internet, we can exceed frontier and we can communicate with a person who live overseas. But even if the immigration is a bad thing, we must be grateful towards the immigrants. A nation is always compose of several cultures.

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