Place and form of power notion

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Anglais notion de place and form of power

I'm going to talk about places and form of power.  We must start with a clear definition of this notion . The notion of power generally suggests an opposition between those who have and exercice power and those who have no or little power. Power implies à complex system of laws and si les that need to be accepted and respected . Even when the system seem absolute,  there are always counter powers which question and counterbalance power aiming at limiting its excesses and resisting it, thus leading to conflicts and tensions. In order To illustrate the notion, I have chosen 3 documents which are a recording, a picture and a text. I have chosen these documents because they seem to best notion . We shall focus attention on customs traditions in the social, in the power, in particulary in India. My first part will ne devorted to illegal power, the tradition in power, and ou second to légal power which touch rich people. 

What form of power sco et in India ? 

Firstly, the ilegal power  exist in India. We can considerate this as a power. The recording " the Dalits story " raise the question of Dalits.  The document we show dalits are outcast because exist only 4 casts in India. " They are exclure from the caste system tell us document 4 " which is the result of their karma. They are very  badly-off and live in huts with neighter electricity . Dalits are victim of oppression as they are banned to travel public roads or to stay in hotels and eat in public restaurants and they are given the worst jobs such as grave diggers, toilet cleaners. They are enclaved.  They are considerate repanded as if they were animals. The document also tell us children are taken away from their families as payment for debts and women become touchable night through rapes and abuse. All of this is a result of Hinduism . This social imprisonment le illegal however it des exist. The caste system is based on deeply-roosted tradition that's why it's a rigid and unfair system we can see in document 4 .

Secondly,  the ilegal power gouvernment in India le present with new technologies. The picture emphazize that india people present seem to be show the image of modern. The people wearing the sari idicate that tradition remain as we show the document " india on the move " . The skyscrapers and modern building highlight show contrast a smiling couple holding their 2 children repeesnetative of 2 chois family policy encouraged by the gouvernement. India people seem on a equal footing. They may have new technologies and clean of a social ladder. The main protagonist embodies the model of govenment. The document want attention to contrast exist in India. 

To cinclude, we are given the impression that india is land of contrat. This country is home the haves and the have-nots , rich and poor . Then , the poor as Dalits can't rebel.

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