places and forms of power

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Sujet du devoir

Lieux et formes de pouvoir


Introduction :


I’m going to present you the notion of « places and forms of power ». For me, the notion places and forms of power means the differents places where the power can be taken, and the differents sorts of power which exist, and the reasons. Now, I will explain the notion of “power” and the notion of “place”. To begin, “a place” can also be a country or a state, while “a power” is the ability to control others, events, or resources; the ability to make things happen despite obstacles, resistance, or opposition. The power is a source of the integration policy, social and personal and, revealer about the tensions and the conflicts in a group. The power exercised in a set of complexes relations.

That's why, in my definition of “Places and form of power”, I'll try to answer at the problems: “What are the differents types power and where it take place?”. To do that's, I will answer in 2 parts: the first one is the social power, and the second one is the legality of the power of the woman


Developpement :


To begin, I will talk about the social power.

For example, in the notion “Places and forms of power” we worked about the trailer of the movie “Elysium”. It told the story of the differences between the richs and the poor. In fact, the richs who lives on the perfect planet called Elysium and created by the humans, and the others who lives on earth which are overpopulated and ruined. The population on eart trying to escapes at the crimes and at the poverty who continue to be propagate. Max, is an ordinary man, and for him rejoin Elysium is so important, and he is the only person who had a chance to restore the equality between this two words. Whereas his life is treating, he didn't know if he can take a part in this mission who is one of the most dangerous, if he can save his life, he can too save the life of nombers others persons.  

Here, we can see a social power, because the persons who lives on Elysium are more benefited than the others people who live on the simple planet “earth”. In fact, the persons who live on Elysium are rich while the persons who live on earth are poor, so, here, we can see a social power because the rich are superior to the poor thanks to their moneys, they have the control of them.


Furthermore, we studied two texts called: “The stolen generation of Australia” and “ The U.K's baby snatchers”. The boths texts are talken about the childrens who are uprooted of their parents, but the first text talk of the arborigene native Australian childrens taken from their families between 1910  and 1970. The second text raises a more contemporary social issue, froced adoption of poor childrens. Here, it is the government who are considered like responsible in the steal of childrens.

As far as, the stolen generation is concerned, those responsible or guilty are the government officials who had to apply the assimilation policy. Moreover they are part of white society. The group who were impacted, the victims, are obviously aboriginal or native families and their children. On the other hand, in the second document the U.K baby snatchers, the government, the social services, the social workers, the police were guilty, threated poor families and their childrens in a violent way. On top of that, adoptive parents are probably guilty too.

In those text, we'll see a social power, because they talk about childrens who are uproot of their parents. In fact, this is a social power, because it is the government who take the children from theirs parents.



Now, I will talk about the legality of the power of the woman.

In class we studied an oral comprehension called “When things change”. In this document we heard 2 Americans journalists : a man and a woman called Linda Davenport who talk about the consequences of the election of a third woman at the supreme court of the U.S.A, by the president Obama. To begin we can heard that's the journalist is shocked because there are women in supreme court since more than 30 years. So, he can't understand why it is important that's a third women is named. The other journalist said that's the sociologist said from 3 women in a group, the comportements changes. When there are only one woman is the spoke-person of her sexe, we take into account her opinion only when a man says the same thing. When there are 2 women, it don't really change. But, when there are 3 women the decision becomes most collaborative, women are listening!!

So, this document is talking about the legality of the of the woman in the political live. In fact, we can see that's the power can have an important aspect on the legality of the woman power, because thanks to this document, we can see that's woman have an important changement on the life of the society.




To conclude, in my definition my work was to answer to the problems: “What are the differents types power and where it take place?”. So, I have argumentate about the differents types of power, which are in the social, the politic, etc. Furthermore, this form of power takes places in differents place: existant (like Australia) or inexistant ( like Elysium).

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

j'aimerais une correction et des avis sur ma notions s'il vous plait. C'est assez urgent merci beaucoup par avance !!!

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