The roots of Hip-Hop

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Jazz and hip hop share many similarities, for example, jazz has been described by many experts as improvisational music, which means it is able to adapt to change. This is also true of the hip-hop rap method of free-styling, which is literally a form of improvisation, which can also be modified to fit most other musical genres.
Because jazz is deeply rooted in the Amrican culture, it has facilitated the continuous sampling of the seemingly endless catalog of classical jazz / funk by the producer and DJ's. Producers and DJs have always been at the dawn of jazz, thanks to its richness and flexibility. Indeed, it is a structure mainly based instrumental, which allows it to carry out samplings. In others, the words jzz has always provided the abundance of ingredients needed to become hip-hop masterpieces.

Questions : (Faire une mini introduction sur les racines du jazz et du hip hop pour introduire tes réponses)

  1. Focus on the specifities of the musical genre (time period, techniques, instruments) and its link with hip-hop.

Merci d'avance.

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