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Oral sur l'idée de progrès en Inde

Publié le 10 déc. 2013 il y a 3A par Ossgor - Fin › 17 déc. 2013 dans 3A
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Sujet du devoir

bonjour, je suis actuellement en terminale S et j'ai pour jeudi un oral à passer: j'ai 2notions a premiere lieux et formes de pouvoirs et la seconde l'idee de progres. Mon theme est l'inde en faite, j'ai le livre new bridges collection Nathan 2012.
j'ai déjà fait la 1ere mais je bloque completement pour la seconde; quelqu'un pourrait m'aider?

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

j'ai déjà la problematique suivante: Is today's India a modern country?
mon expression ce trouve page33 du livre qui est consultable sur le site Nathan.
voila merci d'avance de votre aide :)

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Posté le 10 déc. 2013
Peut-être que cela peut te servir. Il y a certainement des fautes donc à toi de juger.

The notion I’m going to deal with is seats and form of power in India. The subject of my oral presentation will be India a country of contradictions.
First, I would like to briefly (brièvement) introduce India and its people. Secondly, I will show that india is a country many contradictions and paradoxes yet nowadays.
Finally, I also mention the existence of the Dalits in India which is a real problem.

India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.

India is the land of paradox and contradictions: ostentatious wealth and extreme poverty, deep-rooted (profondèment enracinée)between tradition and modernity. India is like no other place. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is developing rapidly. For example, industry of high technology in recent years has taken off in India. The good example of industry of high technology is Infosys Technologies [as we show in the picture of the book ] is an Indian multinational provider of business consulting, technology, engineering, and outsourcing services situated headquarters in Bangalore.
We can also say that India has one of the largest armies in the world and that it has nuclear weapons.
I can not speak of India and not to mention their own film industry.
In fact, Bollywood is the name given to the Indian film industry which is modeled on Hollywood. Bollywood films, distributed throughout India, export around the world.
However, despite the importance of large industrial groups and the development of high technology, India is a country very unequal where much of the population lives in poverty high.
On the one hand (d’un côté) on one side, we have India with a large number of millionaires and a middle class that is growing and open to the world, on the other hand (de l’autre côté) the majority of the population remains poor . We are in the 21st century, India is "emerging power" and yet it is a country of traditions.
In India, dowry is a tradition that still exists. Indeed, the family of the girl must pay a dowry to the future husband's family for marriage. The dowry tradition explains also why the parents do not want to have daughters. Shilipi Somaya is the author of the new "secret daughter" where it tells the story of a poor Indian family, Kavita and Jasu for whom the birth of a daughter is a disaster. The extract dealt with the issue of childbirth (accouchement) and the fear (crainte) of having a daughter. When Kavita gives birth to her baby, her husband announced: “you know we can’t keep this baby, we are not rich”. “we need a boy to help in the fields." . This baby will be a drain for the family.
In addition to reducing (réduire) women to an object, this tradition is also responsible for thousands of deaths each year. In fact, according to statistics,[ data in a census in 2011 as extracted from the document in the book shows us ] in two thousand and eleven it was estimated that there were nine hundred forty (940) girls aged six and under for every thousand boys. Six hundred thousand girls go missing every year. If the bride's family (la famille de la mariée ) can not pay dowry, the husband's family begins to violate the woman who ends up committing suicide or being murdered.

Finally, let's take the case (prenons le cas) of Dalits or “Untouchables” . They are one hundred and seventy million (170) in India today, survive on less than two dollars a day. The untouchables are stigmatized from birth and are outcasts.(sont des parias). . "Untouchable" means by definition that you cannot touch, that is to say one who is so unworthy and so unclean that may contaminate others by sight or physical contact.( .« Intouchable » désigne, par définition, celui qu’on ne peut pas toucher, c’est-à-dire celui qui est si indigne et si impur qu’il risque de souiller autrui par la vue ou par le contact physique) .The Dalits suffer discriménation. The caste system is the hidden (face cachée) apartheid in India. There is only one solution is that attitudes are changing.

In conclusion, I can say that India is a country of contradictions as I show through various examples. : It is a country that is both modern and developed with rich social classes, a huge middle class but also two hundred million poor.( l'inde est bien un pays a plusieurs contradictions comme je viens de le montrer à travers les différents exemples donnés. : c'est un pays à la fois moderne et développé avec des classes sociales très riches, une immense classe moyenne mais aussi deux cents millions de pauvres.)

C'est le brouillon que mon fils avait fait l'an passé. A ce jour, il a eu le bac et est en prépa.
De mémoire, il avait le même livre que toi donc cela peut t'aider.

Posté le 10 déc. 2013
ah bah merci beaucoup franchement !! mais aurait tu aussi sur l'idee de progres?
Posté le 10 déc. 2013
Je vais refouillé et je reviens.
Posté le 10 déc. 2013
Posté le 10 déc. 2013
Tu as de la chance c'est encore dans son ordi :


The notion I’m going to deal with is The Idea of progress. The subject of my oral presentation will be scientific advances for the future (les avancées scientifique pour l’avenir).

First, I would like to illustrate this notion through a first extract from the novel of Aldous Huxley’s : “o brave new world”and an extract from the script of Andrew Niccol’s film Gattaca. They explain the future of the human race against the scientific advances wich are utopian to this day.
( je voudrais illustrer cette notion à travers un premier extrait d’une nouvelle de A.H et un extrait du script de A.N, film Gattaca. Ils expliquent l'avenir de l'espèce humaine face aux avancées scientifiques qui sont utopiques encore à ce jour) .

The two extracts text studied in class focused on an imaginary society : Aldous Huxley wrote "Brave New Wordl". This book imagines a company who uses genetics and cloning for the conditioning and control individuals. The society created by the author is very structured and planned to eliminate as much as possible the chance to organize the most perfect of worlds.
(La société imaginé par l'auteur est extrêmement structurée et planifiée de manière à éliminer autant que possible le hasard afin d'organiser le plus parfait des mondes.)
An incubation center director and conditioning London presents to students the different stages of artificial insemination and latest technological feats.
(Un directeur de centre d'incubation et de conditionnement de Londres présente à des étudiants les différentes étapes du processus de fécondation artificielle et les dernière prouesses technologiques.)
This is the “Bokanosky ‘s process” to clone ninety-six both fertilized eggs of Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons, coupled with a technique that allows rapid growth to get through these genetic manipulations lots of brothers sisters twins.
(C’est procédé Bokanovsky permettant de cloner jusqu'à quatre vingt seize fois les ovules fécondés des Gammas, Deltas et Epsilons, couplé d'une technique de croissance accélérée qui permet ainsi d'obtenir grâce à ces manipulations génétiques des tas de frères de soeurs de jumeaux.)
These genetic guarantee social stability because these babies are all standardized.

In “Gattaca”, Antonio and Maria decide to use science for their second child and science will transform their genetic heritage, in order (dans le but) to have a perfect baby ideal.

They may as well decide on gender (sexe) and Maria answers the doctor they would like Vincent to have a brother to play with. All that remains to select the most compatible candidate. For some people, selecting the sex of their baby is a dream come true !
All these methods and practices to transform the genetic heritage of the human species, in order to make towards a ideal determined.

The cover of "Newsweek" magazine wrote an article about "girl or boy" now you can choose but I can’t help thinking that (je ne peux pas m’empêcher de penser que) the technology answers prayers, it also raises some troubling questions. (elle soulève également des questions troublantes)

Secondly, I will present a other form of progress: artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and robots and the branch of computer science that aims (vise) to create it. The Huffington Post is an American news website.
It published Sept. 10 February 2011 an article on the computer Watson beat its best "Jeopardy".
The machine was specifically developed to answer questions on the quiz show Jeopardy!.
Watson, the IBM supercomputer has a lot of knowledge and a high scanning speed allowed him to beat humans at Jeopardy game show American.
(Watson, le superordinateur d’IBM a beaucoup de connaissances et une grande vitesse d’analyse lui permis de battre les humains au jeu télévisé américain « Jeopardy ») .
There is also Deep Blue, the machine designed by men to IBM, which offers significant opportunities to data and research. She can beat chess champions.
(Il y a aussi Deep Blue, cette machine conçue par les hommes d'IBM, qui offre d'importantes perspectives à l'informatique et à la recherche. Elle capable de battre des champions aux échecs)
Man’s superiority over machines is according to the experts mentioned in the article : the computers and machines can calculate and construct but they cannot decide to create.
This is a big difference !

To sum up the main idea, (pour résumer l’idée principale) we can ask ourselves (nous-mêmes) about our future and these notions of progress.

In conclusion, I could say that choose not only the sex of our children, but also the color of their skin, their intellectual capacity is a danger to humans because the technological developments do not reflect human thinking.
(choisir, non seulement le sexe de nos enfants, mais aussi leur couleur de peau, leurs capacités intellectuelles est un danger pour l'homme puisque l'évolution des techniques ne tient pas compte de la réflexion humaine).

Contrôle quand même qu'il s'agisse bien des mêmes textes et supports étudiés.
Je ne sais plus sur quel texte il est "tombé" mais je sais qu'en anglais il a eu 15/20.

Voilà bon courage et si j'ai un bon conseil n'attends pas le dernier moment pour faire la préparation de tes textes à l'oral. C'est pas "flower" qui parle mais la prof de français. Le fait de t'avancer te fait gagner un temps fou et tu peux te relire et étoffer encore et encore tes productions.

A bientôt et bon oral.

Posté le 10 déc. 2013
Pour l'idée de progrès ça ne correspond pas mais merci quand même de m'avoir beaucoup aider dans mes recherches je vais pouvoir prendre exemple. A bientôt j'espère pour un nouveau sujet d'anglais mdr
Posté le 12 déc. 2013
Et alors, ton oral s'est bien passé ?
Posté le 12 déc. 2013
je l'ai passé cette aprem, je suis tombé sur lieux et formes de pouvoirs c'est a dire celui que je voulais! j'ai assez bien réussi comme meme je verrai bien ma note mais j'espere avoir la moyenne
Posté le 12 déc. 2013
c'est bien ! soulagé !

bonne soirée Ossgor

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