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Sujet du devoir

  1. Bonsoir je dois répondre à ces questions par rapport au texte et j'aurai besoin d'aide svp.


G. According to Mr Rayment why do people become old-fashioned? Quote two sentences.

H. Why does Drago tell Mr Rayment about his grandparents? To show that (several anwers): 
- even old people can adapt to modern life. 
-Mr Rayment could react differently. 
-his mother is generous
-Anyone can surf the net.

I. Does Mr Rayment understand why Drago talks about his grandparents?
yes or no Justify with a one-word sentence


Mr Rayment, 60, often invites Drago, his nurse's teenage son, to his home.  "Got a computer, Mr. Rayment?"  "Yes. You will find it on the floor under the desk. I don't use it much."  Soon Drago is back.  "Can't find the connection, Mr. Rayment. For the s modem."  "Sorry, I don't understand."  "The link. Do you have a cord somewhere that links you into the net?"  "No, it's not that kind of computer. I use it to write letters now and again '. What are you trying to do? What do you need it for?"  Drago gives him an unbelieving smile.  "For everything. When did you buy your computer?"  "I don't remember. Years ago. Nineteen eighty something. It's not up to date. You need something more advanced, I can't help you."  "Do hate things if they are new, Mr Rayment?"  says Drago out of the you blue.  "TIl give you a straight answer, Drago, but not at the cost of being laughed at. I have been overtaken by time, by history. It will happen to you too, if you live long enough. Now tell me: what is this  conversation really about? Is it about a computer that doesn't match up to your standards? "Drago stares at him in shocked puzzlement.  "This was all, once upon a time, new. Everything in the world was, once upon a time, new. Even I was new. The hour I was born I was the latest, newest thing on the face of the earth. Then  time got to work on me. As time will get to work on you. Time will eat you up, Drago. One day you will be sitting in your nice new house with your nice new wife, and your son will turn around to the pair  of you and say, Why are you so old-fashioned? When that day arrives, I hope you will remember this conversation. "  "We went to Croatia³ last Christmas," [Drago] says.  “That's where Mum's parents live.  They're pretty old now.  My mum bought them a computer and we showed them how to use it.  So now they can shop on the internet, they can send e-mails, we can send them pictures.  They like it.  And they're pretty old. "" So? "" So you can choose, "says Drago." That's all I'm saying. "

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