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sujet: les medias ne respectent pas toujours la vie privee des star. partagez vous cet avis ??
jE ne sais pas coi mettre dans ma 1 er partie c'est urgent pour demain

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Celebrity magazines are undoubtedly the most popular sold and read press in the world. But we have recently seen that more and stars have sued popular celebrity magazines because the people press has raised many ethic issues. Indeed, paparazzi are able to do anything to get a scoop by claiming to work for the freedom expression but in reality they do not respect the private life of the stars. We have decided to tackle this issue in depth and to outline the reasons of this contradiction.
Do you agree with us?

1 part
Thèse: les médias et liberté d'information, accès a l'info ....

2nd part
We have obviously seen that the private life is violated because the celebrity is photographed against her will.
Therefore, she or he does not have any control on her or his image. In this way, photographs with no scruples, can easily harm his or her reputation. Nevertheless, the photographs, who claim to act in the name of freedom of expression, breach the law that consists of giving one’s opinion. In this case the freedom of expression is not restricted but on the contrary misused because the paparazzi does not refer to the restrictions of the law aiming to protect the reputation and the rights of a person. In addition to violating the private life and the freedom of expression, the photographer does not respect the moral duties and the deontology required by his work.
That’s why many celebrities cry fool and some of them will sue the magazine that has released the pictures. For example; Claire Chazal, the journalist at TF1 who sued Voici for violation of private life for the release of some pictures. She went to court against the magazine and won her trial without any problem. Following to the trial, the Voici magazine had to give her some money. The freedom of expression is, in this case, not restricted because all the wanted information is released.
There are also some settlements between stars and magazines. The biggest deal of this system was the report made by Hola magazine on the French start JP Belmondo’s second wedding who married Natty on December 29th, 2002. The magazine made big money by obtaining the exclusivity of the wedding. Belmondo chose that magazine as the only media witness to cover the event. A contract was previously made between the star and the magazine. In that case, without the press agency; he accepted to be interviewed and photographed in intimacy for about 100000 Euros.
The private life was then respected. The intimacy was not violated because all those reports and pictures were released with the agreement of the star who sold in a certain way at that moment the life of his family. His right to image as well as a family and private life were respected. With respect to the freedom of expression, there was no violation.

On the whole, we can assert that the respect of the private life is often violated but stars play with this and use their rights to make more money than they have. In my opinion, this is very hypocritical for stars to complain about the celebrity magazines harm their private life. In many situations they have used them to both make the headlines and make money. This is not in the name of moral or justice that they act but for greed. In all the cases; money and promotion play a big role. Their games are so obvious. The star will make confidence to a magazine and decides not to have a private and family life by telling it to everybody. As a reminder, Alexandre Anthony and Sarah Marshall sued a magazine that had released the same confidences without her agreement. They hint at their right for privacy but there was no privacy anymore because they had previously released that information in another magazine. Therefore, according to me stars use the violation of private life as a pretext

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1st part

Some people would tell you that this is very important to know about the celebrities' private life. They think they have right to this information. Celebrities are public. There are less taboos than it used to be. A long time ago, there used to be some respect for celebrities. But some Hollywood actresses like Marylin Monroe became very closed to her fans. And pictures of her private life were released. There was no taboo. Even at her death, pictures of her dead body were release with no censorship.
Nowadays people think that they have a right to any kind of information. They believe that stars are part of their life. In the States, they hint at the US amendment stating that anybody has the right to know. So they do not think they are breaking the law by having access to this information.
Therefore paparazzis do only their job, to meet the customer's needs. They know that the readers or the fans want the pictures.
And in some countries the law is with them. There is nothing stating that they are outlaw.
So we can say that in some ways, this is difficult to argue that paparazzis and celebrity magazines violate the celebrities' private life.

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