Thanksgiving donner son avis et se mettre dans la peau dun américain indien.

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Sujet du devoir

Bonjour/Bonsoir besoin d'aide pour l'anglais . Merci d'avance .


Étape 4:

Le National Museum of the American Indian organise une collection de divers peuples amérindiens

des témoignages sur ce que Thanksgiving représente pour eux. Utilisez tout le travail ci-dessus et publiez votre texte.


en utilisant certaines de ces notions:


however yet le cependant, pourtant)

nevertheless neanmoins)

whereas alors que)

on the one hand, but on the other (hand)...

mais de l'autre...)

although (bien que)

even though (même si)

even if

despite / in spite of the fact that) (= malgré

le fait que)

Some... (Certains ...)

Others ... (D'autres ...)




positive opinion 

Watch football



good eating 

coaking turkey 


Négatif opinion 
















Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

Je nest encore rien fait merci de m'aider au plus vite  :).

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Posté le 20 févr. 2021

Before the colonisation, we were a free Nation. 

In 1620 the first colons arrived, more precisely in 1621, in the Plymouth Bay, Massachussets, on a boat called "the Mayflower". These were the Pilgrims, a group of protestant people persecuted by the english crown, wanting to spread their religion, later considered as/called the "Founding Fathers".

The first nation of ours they met were the Wampanoags, on the Nordwest of the country, always near from Boston, in Msschts. They arrived in the Winter of 1620. As I can remember, the conditions during this special winter were very harsh, a lot of us died and could'nt survive. On the next spring, 1621, we achieved to harvest again, and we thanked our God for the harvest we could receive from ou land. Thanksgiving was born this day. Witout our help, these pilgrim immigrants could'nt have survived : we teached them the fishing, hunting and the culture, so as they survived.

Starting from 1620, it is now celebrated the 4th Thursday of November in the USA and the 2nd Monday of October in Canada. (other countries have also adopted our celebration, as Switzerland, which celebreats it the 3dr sunday of september, for instance)

Thetypical food eaten on this day is a big Pumpkin with turkey and potatoes . And a pudding as dessert.

So Thanksgiving is for us an important, if not to say "a key date", because we thank our God for the harvest received during the year.

The date was oficialised by George Washington in 1789, and in 1865, the date of the 4th thursday of November was established by Abraham Lincoln. In 1941, the Congress reuled/enacted/issued/declared/promulgated/legislated/settled it as a National free day/day off/public holiday/day's leave.

Posté le 22 févr. 2021

c'est quoi le travail ci-dessus?

Ils ont besoin d'aide !

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