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Neel “Mrs Fortescue's death must have been a great shock to you Mr Dubois. You were great friends, weren't you?”

DuboisYes, she was a charming woman. We played golf quite often together.”

NeelI suppose you'll miss her very much, won't you?”

Dubois“Yes indeed, the whole thing is quite, quite terrible”

Neel You actually telephoned her on the afternoon of her death...

Dubois“Did I? I really cannot remember now.”

Neel “At about four o'clock...”

Dubois “I believe I did.”

Neel “Don't you remember what your conversation was about Mr Dubois?”

Dubois “It wasn't of any significance [...]”

Neel “I see...and then you went for a walk, didn't you?”

Dubois “Er – yes – yes- I – I – I think...”


Adapted from A pocket full of Rice , Agatha Christie, 1953


1- What type of text/document is it ?

2- Who are Mr Neels, Mr Dubois and Mrs Fortescue ? ( !!!! Who = …....)

Grammaire en français

3 – Que remarquez vous à la fin de plusieurs questions ? Comment est-ce construit ( = avec quels outils grammaticaux) ?

Comment pourrait-on le traduire en français ?

À télécharger

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

Merci c'est pour aujourd'hui

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Posté le 26 mars 2020


Posté le 26 mars 2020

1 - This document is a written play

2- Mr Neels is an invastigator or a police officer, Mrs Fortescue is a woman which was kill and Mr Dubois is an acquaintance or a friend of her

3- At the end of his question, Mr Neels sai a verb with n't and you at the end of his question.

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