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Sujet du devoir

Il faut que je fasse un résumé du passage vu en cours du film
"Angels with dirty faces"

Je suis vraiment nulle en anglais, je pense qu'il y a vraiment beaucoup de fautes...

Merci beaucoup.

Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

Two friends lived in a New York’s district. These pals were caught in stealing. Rocky gets arrested by the police, is sent to the reformatory and refuses to identify his friend. While the other, Jerry escapes. In a montage of images, we learn that during in prison, Rocky learn life of crime and became a big gangster. He went in Casino or Club and always well dress.
15 years later, Rocky returns to the old neighborhood where he meet Jerry. Jerry has become a priest, he helps children who mislead.
During an evening, we learn that Rocky has been 3 years in prison for protect this lawyer Jim Frazier and he has entrusted Jim whit 100.000$. So, Rocky goes to Frazier to demand his money. However, he learnt that Jim was involved with the gang boss, Mac Keefer.
Rocky also meets up with a girl from his childhood, Laury Ferguson when he take a room. But Laury to take revenge for him about a story in their childhood, she slaps him, jerks his hat down over his head, and runs out quickly, thus telling him: "I've waited fifteen years to do that!”.
In the other scene, Rocky's had his portfolio by young offenders. However, when they know who he was, this group of teenagers felled admiration to Rocky and to strike up a friendship with his. So Rocky invites them up to his room for eat and drinks. However Father Jerry despairs at this, asking Rocky to lay off so he can keep the kids on the straight and narrow.
An evening where Rocky was with Laury, he realizes he is being followed , Mac and Jim’s hired hands try to kill him because they want to cheat him out of his money. Nevertheless, he escapes to gangster by subterfuge in a café.
Then, Rocky goes boldly the boss to demand his money. His ploy succeeds. But, Rocky is arrested by police officer cause of Mac and Jim, Rocky was not accused because he gets help form teenagers. Indeed, he trusts an envelope with the money to the group of teenager, so detectives find anything in his apartment thus they are lacking evidence. Then Rocky meets teenagers and rewards them with some of the money and he returns to his room and hides the money in his bedposts.
Father Jerry enters in a café where he meets young while they smoke and play billiards like real gangster. Jerry want that them to come with him to the gym, but they find many excuses.
In Rocky's apartment, Rocky talks with Laury about love.

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Posté le 6 oct. 2010
Tout dabord tu peux dire , que c'est un film ( serie) qui est realise ( creer) par Michael Curtiz.
Angels with dirty faces This is a sitcom . this is created by Michael Curtiz
Posté le 6 oct. 2010
Oui tu as raison, faire une sorte d'introduction. Merci beaucoup. Et sinon ca va, c'est compréhensif ce que j'ai écris ? Il n'y a pas trop de faute de conjugaison ? Je sais que mon point faible est la conjugaison :s
Posté le 6 oct. 2010
Oui il faut toujours une intro. Je vais voire sa de suite et je te dit :)
Posté le 6 oct. 2010
in a New York’s / Le a est inutiles.
we learn C'EST we learn't ( parse que c'est we.
became C'EST become car c'est a linfinitif.
he realizes C'EST he realised.
Voila :) et le reste je sais pa trop , fin je suis pas sur de moi donc je prefere pas tenduire en erreure .
si tu as besoin dautre chose n'hesite pas jaime beaucoup l'anglais !
Posté le 6 oct. 2010
ok! Merci beaucoup en tout cas :)
Posté le 6 oct. 2010
Y-as pas de quoi , c'esta vec plaisire :)

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