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J'ai un écrit d'anglais à rendre sur le port d'armes aux USA. Le but étant de faire un speech dans la peau d'un manifestant contre le port d'armes. Je voudrais faire corriger mon devoir pour être sûre qu'il n'y ai pas de fautes.

Merci de votre aide.


I'm here today to sensitize you about weapons and you share my ideas on gun control in the USA.

The attack on Parkland shocked us French students. Shootings are common in American schools. That of February 14 is the 291st since 2013



Is it normal to continue our life with fear in the belly when we go out ? Is it normal to be afraid for my 5 years old niece who lives in the USA to know that she’sat stake ? Is it normal to have a gun under your pillow? ENOUGH !


We cultivate fear between us. As soon as we are afraid of someone we buy a weapon to defend ourselves, and so on ... For instance, we just need to follow the news to hear about “school shooting”. It shows not only that children can be killed by weapons, but also that they can have very easy access to it! That's happened in Parkland two years ago, at columbien high school in 2000, in licoln county at fayetteville in 1998, in cleveland at stockton in 1989... it a good example to show the danger of weapons.


Then, if bearing arms is allowed, a new system will rule, no democracy but anarchy. A new system involves new laws . It’s unacceptable.



Moreover, I can see, in the music "Looking for America" with the excellent Lana Del Rey for instance, the important combat which lots of people carry out against on gun control. She say on her music "I'm still looking for my own version of America One without the gun, where the flag can freely fly

No bombs in the sky, only fireworks when you and I collide

It's just a dream I had in mind"







All in all, there is no doubt that bearing an arm is unacceptable. Our society is becoming more and more violent. Young people play violent games, they kill virtual people, they make virtual wars and on the whole they confuse it with reality. “Why am I allowed to kill everybody in my game and not in reality?” Right, it is so confusing…



I am convinced that the question of bearing an arm or not in the usa is not solved for political reasons.


Let's get together! Let's get together against arms! Let's get together against the business of sellers like NRA! Let’s get together against this law! Let's get together against the American system!

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je n'ai pas vu de faute après il faux le faire vérifier par plusieurs personnes

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