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Sujet du devoir

J’ai une expression écrite à faire en anglais j’ai essayer pendant 2h hier de produire quelque chose mais je n’y arrive pas.

Voici le sujet : 

Why was the USA such a land of opportunity in the early 20th century ? Would you have liked to emigrate to the USA in those days ? Give your reasons.


Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

Si vous avez des idées ou même une envie de faire le sujet je suis preneuses 

Merci d’avance !

2 commentaires pour ce devoir

Posté le 13 janv. 2020

I won't go to USA, because his president M. Trump doesn't believe the scientist and he is climatoseptist !

However , USA is a place whis a great mix culture and the technologies are omnipresent on this culture .

I hope it can give you few ideas for your homework !) 

Posté le 13 janv. 2020

j ai trouve cela sur un site merica is known as “the land of opportunity.” But whether it deserves this reputation has received too little attention. Instead, we seem mesmerized by data on the distribution of incomes which show that incomes are less evenly distributed than they were 20 or 30 years ago. In 1973, the richest 5 percent of all families had 11 times as much income as the poorest one-fifth. By 1996, they had almost 20 times as much. But it is not only the distribution of income that should concern us. It is also the system that produces that distribution.         et tu ajoute à la fin ton opinion comme in my opinion I would like to immigrate the USA in nowadays....

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