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Sujet du devoir

je suis actuellement en train de réaliser le développement de ma notion sur l'idée de progrès pour le bac, cependant je ne suis pas sur de mon travail et je souhaiterais avoir des avis. Voila ou j'en suis: 


Où j'en suis dans mon devoir



I’m going to talk about the notion of « idea of progress ». First, I would like to give a definition of this notion : the idea of progress is as an improvement, a development or a change of a technological scientific or social advance which makes the world better. Indeed, the twentieth century is characterized by many changes hat have revolutionized our daily lives. The period of the sixties best illustrates this idea of ​​progress.




To what extent can the Sixties be considered as a decade of progress? First, I will talk about the social progress and finally, I will deal with the evolution of the music.








We will see that the sixties are characterized by social progress:




I choose the cover of Time Magazine because it perfectly reflects the social changes in London. It represents London in 1966. On the right-hand side we recognize typical elements such as big Ben, the Union Jade and horse guards. This part represents traditional London. The left part of the picture illustrates aspects of a younger generation and the rapid change’s society was going trough with music bands, fashion and drugs that were part of the freedom young craved for, including sexual freedom. This document shows progress thanks to the evolution of manners, to the revolution of sexuality.








My second document is a portrait of Twiggy.




Twiggy is the most emblematic model of the 60’. Twiggy literally went against all the accepted ideas of femininity and the stereotypes. She embodied some form of provocation at the time when society preferred woman with luscious forms like Marilyn Monroe. Her short hair was also synonymous of freedom. She embodied freedom and she led the fashion revolution during the sixties. Moreover, Twiggy was also remarkable for her extravagant outfits. She represented the 60’ youth pope. She represented many English brands, who are about to invent the popular « fashion girl » of the sixties. She paraded in miniskirt, very provoking at the time. Twiggy herself embodies the idea of ​​progress because she has broken the stereotypes of women. She represents freedom and allowed the women of the time to evolve to the level of clothing.




The contraceptive pill, a invention of the time, will revolutionize the sexuality of women. From now on, women can decide to have children or not, when and how much.








Progress during the sixties is also characterized by the evolution of music.




Around 1960s, famous bands such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones appeared and revolutionized the current musical style. It's the beginning of pop music and rock.








My third document is the text called « the real story behind britain's rock 'n’roll ».Here is a summary :




In the '60s, the British airwaves were largely controlled by the BBC, which had all but barred rock 'n’roll from the radio.However, pirate radios have appeared and have succeeded in broadcasting illicit tunes of rock'n'roll and pop . The pirate radios used boats to spread the hits. By joining international waters, these radios were untouchable by the authorities. Finally, the British Government will legalize the diffusion of pop-rock music in 1967. This document reflects the idea of ​​progress because some groups of people fought to change the old musical practices of the time in order to modernize and enrich the culture of the 60s by bringing new musical styles.






To conclude, the sixties were a decade of rapid changes and progress, with the social revolution. The sixties were ruled by the new generation, who enjoyed their freedom. This revolution has changed the mentality of people.During the sixties, the woman became more free of her choices. . The sixties were a decade of musical revolution. Britain was at the heart of this major revolution. Musical trends were completely modified by bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, which could be heard thanks to pirate radios.








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