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So today i'm going to talk about the notion Myths and Heroes. First of all, i would like to give a brief definition of the notion : A myth can be a popular belief or a tradition or a false notion. A hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his or her achievements, a super hero or maybe a role model or an icon.

First, i will talk about mythical hero « I way to heaven », with a biography of Steve Jobs , The document was published in a magazine called The economist on October 8, two thousand and one.

Secondly, i will take about a modern myth « The company he created and a short biography of Bonnie and Clyde , The document is a short biography made by Joe MACGASKO on December 5, two thousand and thirteen.

How myth and heroe influence the behavior of society ?


  • I- The real heroe of life in society and influence ?


Since the beginning of mankind, some people or groups of people have distinguished themselves by their technological invention.

On the one hand, Steve Jobs can be considered as the leader of a community. Indeed , his campany Apple makes more expensive poducts than the other brands.

Consequently , when people buy an Apple products , they feel as if they were part of a bigger community of wealthy people compared to « poor » people who can't afford this type of products.

In other words Job's achievement was to combine an emotional spark with computer technoloy. To put it differently , the consumers of Apple feel as if they belong to a big wealthy and technological community , with Jobs as their leader because he created the company and designed the products ; he become rich and famous because of the importance of Apple products.

The only way to enter the community is by buying an Apple product.

* We are influenced by the fact that a character we admire has so and it is a vicious cercle. Our population is influenced an Iphone.

We can also add that the people who already have an Iphone usually buy another one when it is broken. They also buy the latest product when it come out even if they don't necessarily need it.

Finally, people usually buy an Apple product only for the brand and the prestige behind it. They don't think about the quality and most importantly the price first. It has a become a fad.

On the other hand it is only technology : we have to be down-to-earth a better place. Futhermore , a community of influence can't be built around this kind of ideology.

There's only competition between people.

Also, jobs can't really be a leader because with his products , there is inequality and he was an authoritarian person, he didn't listen to these employees. Because he wanted to maintain his leadership status and the influence he has generated.


  • II- Modern myth in history and influence.


On the one hand, Bonnie and Clyde describe a being. « The most famous and romanticized criminals in American history »

The myth is this romantic couple, bandits. Wile the longevity of the story of Bonnie and Clyde may be more of a testament to the power of myth and media than the couple's actual attributes, there is no question that their story continues to fascinate writers, musicians, visual artists and filmakers.

Indeed , this couple at first sight was described as romantic and classy , we could have envied them. But some details can hide the fire, and in this case the violence they were doing was terrible and shame ful for America.

Moreover, this couple was described as pure heroes who are a threat to society. Myth is rarely close to reality and Bonnie and Clyde and The Barrow Gang lived a difficult life , ponctuated by narrow escapes, injury, armed bank robberies.

Also it is a myth of a passionate love and what it can lead us to do. As early as the 1930s , with bandits , they tood advantage of the Great depression to rob banks.

This myth has influenced popular culture, Particularly in Cinematography as for example Gangster squad as Ruben FLEISCHER and for a rapper know as Tupac. Their goal is personal, so they're anti- héroes.

Finally , Bonnie and Clyde marked the birth of the New Hollywood but also the birth of a new generation of critics.

They're young , they're in love, and they kill people that's their slogan. The couple's influence is made by their luxurious class, their passionate love reflected in many American.


To conlude

I think the concept of myth an heroes han an important place in the society. Hero is subjective, it depends on us and society.  People who have made history know they are influenced by technology like Steve Jobs and his IPHONE brand or history, love , crime like Bonnie and Clyde who have been an example to movies or music. Jobs was money-minded and his only goal was to make money after all and these products know how to show themselves influenceable (the beautiful design and the technical perfection) Narrated and presented to the children, myths and heroes are part of their education. These are examples of models to be chosen carefully. I have the feeling that they are sometimes a source of manipulation.



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