Notion Myths and Heros

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Bonsoir, j'ai fini mon introduction de ma notion myths et heros et j'aimerais avoir des avis dessus. Je vous remercie d'avance ! 



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I’m going to talk about the myth and hero. First of all i would like to give a definition of this notion

A myth is a symbolic and fabled story from a community, a social practice generally orally given which proposes an explanation on the foundations of a world, of a society. It is also a cultural identity in which a society recognizes itself. Therefore, it answers questions and allows a society to feel at peace with itself. Myths are a means of influence and can embody an ideology. They allow to rewrite History and mythify a period which has reached its climax. Through times and with the development of new technologies it is more and more difficult to believe in Myths as Science tends to deconstruct and destructure them.


Firstly, it is more common to find male heroes.

-They are transmitting the myth through their acts or speeches.

-They can be real or completely fictional.

-They are carrying with them tradition, history and the everyday life.

-Many of them are children of a Gods and have underwent an unusual birth and share some of the following powers


A myth can be forgotten or replaced but will remain at the basis of the new one, a hero can fall and be completely erased from people’s mind.Both myths and heroes contribute to unity and stability of a society.

. In order, to illustrate this notion i have chosen to talk about the rules of the heroes in war and attempt to answer the question what is the rules about the heroes in the war film and what is the director’s vision of war?


To answer this question i will present two documents. This year in class we studied several documents about the myth and heroes and in particular an film poster from Platoon directed by Oliver Stone and released in 1986. Were also explored one extract from a movie trailer untitled Saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg.


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