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bonjour, j'ai besoin d'aide dans cette exrcice sur skills:

all the verbs listed below describe different skills.

assist - negotiate -train -motivate - accelerate -clarify - translate - plan - persuade - improvise - support - supervise - oversee - assign - simplify - revise - streamline - coach - mobilize - innovate - trust.

a) put the different skills into the appropriate boxes in the table below.

- communication skills
- efficiency
- interpersonal abilities
- leadership
- creativity

b) have a look at the personality traits listed in exercice B . which would you associate with each of these skills ?
- communications skills
- efficiency
- interpersonal abilities
- leadership
- creativity

in exercice B , personality quiz: (les adjectives) ::

-dependable , independant, responsible, humorous, introverted, outgoing, energetic, bossy, forward- thinking, commited, self-confident, perfectionistic, dependent creative, competitive, studious, demanding, reliable, cautious, patient, mature, shy and quiet, easygoing, sociable, hard-working, well-organized, serious, disorganized, diligent, calm, friendly, messy .

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