Bonjour, j'aimerai avoir de l'aide pour ma notion lieux et formes de pouvoir en Anglais

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Ma notion porte sur le pouvoir des médias dans la société. J'aurai besoin de quelqu'un pour me corriger svp :)


INTRO: I will talk about the notion of Places and forms of Power. First of all I would like to give a definition,
The power is the authority exercised on a person, an institution or a group. He can exercice at the policy level, social and personal, he can lead to conflicts within a community, below the form of struggle or resistance. The forms and places of power are many, this may be a institutions for example, the White House , Buckingham Palace the symbol of the British monarchy or court of justice. He can also be cultural like the speech, the knowledge. We will see here the power exercised by the media through the next question : How does the media represent a form of power in society?
Firsly we will see the role of the media and the journalist. Secondly we will tackle the limits of the media and the paradox of counter-power.

The media, is the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely. They have goal of the inform of what's going on in the world. For this, journalism do their maximum to inform us of the present facts and future, analyse, critizise, put the light on a situation, without giving us their opinion.The journalis have a important role in the spread the news, he must be fully invested in his research. He must go on the spot, check his sources in order to come closer of the truth. However if some not hesitate to get wet,others ensure security any problem, which can lead to information less reliable.
The media and jounalists therefore play an important role in our society. But some forms of media can exceed the limits. It's the case of the gutter press, who has for goal of entertain a public in disclosing false or true informaion on the private life of people. This mode of information contributes to ruin of reputations, influence people and lead to conflicts.
The media is therefore positive because spreads important information but can be negative by pushing the limits of freedom of expression.

The arrival of citizen journalism has contravened the power of traditional journalism.
The media are constantly evolving, the arrival of the television then internet has only improved the radiation of info. These new forms of diffusion allowed to be informed in real time of what's going on in the world. But yet this information is not necessarily reliable. They are even the origin of fakes news. The phenomen of false information read, repeated, seen.
The modern media therefore acts as a counterpower to the traditional media which launches the debate to choose between traditionnal journalisme or citizen journalism. The newspapers ensures the reliability of information and are written for the real journalism white the citizen journalism represent the information immediate without being sure that everything is true.

To conclude the media represent the power of the freedom of expression, expressed in different ways and by different intermediaries leading to conflicts and debates.

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