Arguments pour le transhumanisme

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Hello, my name is Blanche, and today we are going to consider the following question: Why we shouldn’t fear the transhumanism?

It’s an interesting topic, which brings some sociological, philosophical and ethical interrogations.

Arg 1:  Technology and IA are dangerous for the human race

I slightly disagree with that. Without even realizing it, we learnt to live with technology that enhance our capacities and improve our lives such as smartphones, pacemaker, and transplants…  Of course, it can bring some issues with industrial spying or worst with nuclear bomb but States and societies must rule and modulate with diplomacy the use of these new technologies.

We can take the example of Neil Harbisson, who introduced his new ability to hear colors, in Ted talks, and that thanks to what he called an “eyeborg”, which makes him a cyborg.

Obviously, people are specially scared about IA or cyborg. I think, if we respect them and we treat them like citizen by establishing some good laws, why would they be dehumanized? As an example, even a regular human being can be dehumanized when he doesn’t feel respected.


Arg 2:  A lot of people say Transhumanism would be a source of inequality between rich and poor people. But, I disagree with this. Of course, if transhumanism is the prerogative of private labs it would probably benefit for only rich people.

But in my opinion, States have to take care about it, they can afford that, and include transhumanism technology in health insurance, thus it could benefit for everyone and cure a lot of disease.


Arg 3 : Transhumanism is in favor of the perfect human being

I disagree, firstly, why not seeing new technologies as a part of the human evolution? Our environment is changing, and so we are, it’s the evolution process. Transhumanism could help us surviving in the future, to become more adapted.

 More and more people are interested in this view of Transhumanism, in the article “a new generation of transhumanists is emerging” by the Huffpost, it is precise that thousands of scientists and technologists have been hanging out and discussing on social media. Plus, a transhumanist association in Stanford has been created.

Thank you for listening.


Où j'en suis dans mon devoir

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Posté le 19 sept. 2018

J'ai l'impression que ca va... 

Très bon texte !

Juste, dans Arg2 a lot of disease


Merci à toi,


Posté le 19 sept. 2018

À part la faute relevée, je n'en ai pas trouvé d'autres. Très bon devoir :)

Posté le 20 sept. 2018

Je mettrai "pacemakers" au pluriel pour que ce soit cohérent avec les autres exemples

Ils ont besoin d'aide !

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